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About College

In 1956, a divisional head quarter had only one degree college for the present four districts of Bidar, Gulbarga, Koppal and Raichur. Young people of this area had to go tot Hyderabad, Dharwad or Bombay for higher education and this was possible for only a few rich people in those days. Gulbarga  Poojya Doddappa Appa, The 7th Descendent of Sharnbasveshwar  Mahadasoha Peetha, Gulbarga, in keeping with commendable tradition of altruistic activities of Lord Sharnbasveshwar and following his mission, heritage of Dasoha and message started Sharnbasveshwar College of Arts, Gulbarga, to provide the higher education opportunity to the youth of this region.

Sharnbasveshwar College of Arts, Gulbarga, has been in the service of the society by turning out efficient, effective and morally upright graduates they are oriented to Kayaka and Dasoha philosophy of education conceived and formulated by Poojya Dr. Sharnbaswapa Appa. The students trained in this way have occupied important positions in different fields of life. One such example is of Prof. V.T.Patil, Vice-Chancellor of Pondicherry University, Puducherry. He was the student of Sharnbasveshwar College of Arts, Gulbarga. Prof. V.T.Patil is a prolific writer, great orator and able administrator. This is a matter of great pride to all of us here at Sharnbasveshwar College of Arts.  In this way a large number of students of our college are serving as teachers, lecturers and Principals in the colleges and also even in he various universities.